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This pad combines the benefits of Pro Choices breathable and shock-absorbent SMx Air Ride material with OrthoSport features. Additional layers of SMx Air Ride material are strategically placed in the dished out areas behind the shoulders of horses with high withers and strong shoulders, and down each side of the spine, to create a greatly improved saddle fit from front to back.
• Fleece lining.
• Size: 28" x 30" (70cm x 76cm).

Hand wash with cool water, damp cloth, and a mild soap (horse shampoo is okay to use) and then rinse and air dry on a fence or rail, preferably upside down so that the sun doesn't bleach the top.

PLEASE DO NOT DRY CLEAN OR USE A WASHING MACHINE. The SMX Air Ride material is assembled with heat and pressure and the heat and pressure from a washing machine will harm your saddle pad.

Professional's Choice OrthoSport SMx Barrel Race Saddle Pad | 28" x 30"

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