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• Carefully crafted with high grade leather and felt padding.
• Basket weave leather embossed features across the saddle with contrast stitching and solid brass hardware.
• Swinging fenders with stirrup bars and in the event of an emergency, the fender is able to come off.
• Solid alloy stirrups.
• Comes with girth top strap with points on each end.

Key Measurements:
• Comes with a medium/wide gullet, approximately 6.5" or 16.5cm(Similar to Semi Quarter Horse but a little msaller))
• Fender length: 56cm from top to the 7th hole, which is halfway
• Fender width at the widest part: 23cm
Please note, the fenders are not suitable for children or riders with shorter legs. In principle, fender saddles are not completely suitable for riders with shorter legs due to the restriction of movement and the lack of adjustment capabilities.


• High-grade leather
• Fenders with Stirrup Bars
• Semi Quarter Bars
• Alloy stirrups

Ord River Campdraft Saddle

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