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 Also known as "Salisbury Gag".  This bit is ideal for young horses.  It has full rings with jointed mouthpiece.  Pressure on the gag rein causes the bit to move higher in the horse's mouth.  This creates poll pressure and obviously quite strong pressure to all areas in the mouth. It works well on horses that are heavy on the forehand as well as most forward going horses.  Ideally used with double reins, this bit can also be used with a single rein on the gag itself, or with gag reins.  Stainless Steel. STC Stainless Steel is produced with a blend of 18% chrome and 8% nickel. The chrome prevents rusting and the nickel adds strength and durability. STC Stainless Steel is super strong and double hand polished.

Full Ring Gag Snaffle

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